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Even though print design is a competitive task, it has much to offer people who want to get into it.

A career in print design can lead to opportunities in various media and entertainment fields, as well as other fields of graphic design. Products like brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, and product packaging—tangible, physical goods that require artwork in printed form—are needed in various industries.

The publishing sector widely employs graphic designers. Print design agency may assign print designers to work on book covers, magazines, greeting cards, catalogs for museum exhibits, or even in the textile or apparel sectors.

According to federal statistics, graphic design jobs are predicted to increase by 3% until 2028. However, employment is anticipated to fall significantly (by 22%) in several print industries (publishers of newspapers, journals, and directories) over that time.


What Is Print Design?

Print designers frequently work in a digital format to conceptualize and design an end product that is typically printed in physical form on materials like paper, plastic, fabric material, or even ceramics. A wonderful source of information can be found through educational and professional associations like any nonprofit print design company Austin.

Remember that print designers typically don’t handle the actual printing of the product they’ve created. Although a high level of technical expertise, particularly about graphic design computer software applications, is a vital talent, their work can be classified as being generally more aesthetic.


Illustrations of Print Design

Book Covers

The publishing or print design agencies employ specialists to create book covers that can bring a book’s concept to life.


Even though most newspapers and magazines have websites, many still publish print editions assembled with print designers’ aid.


Organizations of all sorts frequently produce printed informative or promotional materials, from nonprofits to corporations.


Even though many “do-it-yourself” programs give templates for posters or flyers, print designers who can elevate the design professionally are still in demand.

Product Packaging

Print designers are frequently hired by retail establishments (especially high-end ones) to create everything from packaging to shopping bags and totes.


The fashion industry frequently hires print designers to develop prints for everything from haute couture print designs to silk-screened T-shirts.


Designing for big-chain restaurants, for instance, can give print designers a countrywide platform for their work. The restaurant employs graphic designers specializing in print to produce appealing menus highlighting their greatest dishes.


Comparing Graphic Design and Print Design

Print design is a smaller branch of the larger discipline of graphic design. While there can be some overlap, a career in print design offers a specific path and unique skill sets that make it easier to design for real objects.

Within the broader field of graphic design, you might be inclined toward a career in print design if you have a great eye for making “things” instead of just visual outcomes.


How to Start a Print Design Business

Check out educational initiatives and training associated with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design if you’re just beginning your career as a print designer. It’s a fantastic tool for networking and programs at the collegiate level.

Consider internships and on-the-job training in addition to formal education because they can help you develop your portfolio and resume. Gaining experience in an entry-level position can help you expand your network and develop your design abilities.


The Duties of a Print Designer

You can be asked to join a creative team as a print designer to develop a product design. You could also work solo while providing regular updates to an art director or other supervisor for input.

A career in print design may involve developing a product from scratch, taking it from the conceptual stage all the way to the finished product. Or your employer can give you a general idea, assuming that you’ll develop it into a finished product. One of the benefits of working as a print designer is having the option to work from home, on the side, or as a freelancer.

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